The Association.

The association “Freunde des Belgischen Hauses e.V“ was founded subsequent to the announcement of the Belgian Consulate General’s closing in January 2015.

It is the association’s aim to promote the relationship between Germany, Belgium and other countries on an artistic, cultural and scientific basis and to foster international understanding.

The association pursues its goal by preserving, promoting and broadening the culture of communities living in Belgium and in Germany as well as by promoting their interdisciplinary exchange in the fields of art, culture and science.

Moreover, the association strives to preserve Belgische Haus in Cologne as a meeting point for international networking and also to uphold Belgische Haus’ role as a cultural ambassador of these different language and culture communities. As a member you do not only support this exciting project, but you are also given preferred access to our events and the opportunity of contacting our network for your own events.