The Board.

Veerle Waeterloos, 1. Chairwoman

Born in 1958. Since 1991 Belgian lawyer at the Antwerp bar association, since 2001 European lawyer at the Cologne bar association. Her main focus is on Belgian-German judicial and extra-judicial matters.

Frequent contact with representatives from Belgium and its regions as well as with business representatives at Belgische Haus enabled her to grasp the fantastic opportunities of Belgische Haus. She is dedicated and committed to preserve Belgische Haus as a meeting place for and cultural embassy of Belgian communities.

Marc Herbrand, 2. Chairman

Born in the German-speaking part of Belgium in 1970, he has lived in Cologne since 2004, and is an entrepreneur. Close ties to Belgische Haus during his work as managing director of the Chamber of Commerce (debelux) in Cologne; since then regular communication with representatives of Belgian institutions in Germany.

With his professional background and as a co-founder and active member of several associations, the staunch networker knows about the importance of communication and exchange among people, institutions, regions and countries in social, cultural, scientific and economic terms and strives for the maintenance and development of Belgische Haus and its spirit.

Myriam Brewaeys (Treasurer)

Rudi Liekendael

Jochen Heufelder

Gert Richertzhagen